Best Bars to Watch 2024 6 Nations in Dublin

As the excitement builds for the 2024 6 Nations rugby tournament, avid fans in Dublin are on the lookout for the best spots to catch all the action. Whether you’re a die-hard supporter or just looking for a lively atmosphere to enjoy the matches, Dublin has a plethora of bars that offer the perfect blend […]

A great place to eat and drink near Jameson Distillery

Savoring History and Culinary Delights: Oscars Smithfield and the Jameson Distillery Nestled in the heart of Smithfield, Dublin, the iconic Jameson Distillery has woven itself into the fabric of Irish whiskey history, creating a rich tapestry that resonates through the cobblestone streets. The Bow Street Distillery, with its unmistakable chimney, established in 1780 by John […]