Why we are still one of Dublin’s Best Outdoor Dining Experiences

It has been a little over a year since Oscar Café & Bar extended our Dublin outdoor dining experience.

You don’t need us to tell you what a bizarre 12 months it has been. In-between closures and reopening and variants and restrictions, it’s been a year that many of us want to forget.
Still, in-between the chaos we did extend our outdoor dining area. It’s something that our customers have been requesting for years and we are proud to finally offer this extension to patrons. Speaking of our customers, we wanted to take this opportunity to share some of the feedback our hard-working floor team have received throughout these past few months. We may be getting ahead of ourselves. For the uninitiated, let’s discuss how we expanded our outdoor dining experience.


Oscar’s Café & Bar’s Outdoor Dining Experience

If you haven’t managed to swing by Oscar’s these last few months let us fill you in on some of the changes you should expect. First and foremost is the extension of our outdoor restaurant into Smithfield square. As one of the few Café’s to have permission to use this beautiful part of Dublin, we’ve been honoured to extend our world-class casual dining experience onto the cobblestones.
No booking, no problem. Our main goal when we began offering outdoor dining was to have an experience that matched the casual but classy atmosphere of our Café & Bar. We’ve achieved this goal by allowing for walk-in’s and making sure if you’re just in the mood for a cocktail, you can sip it in the sun.


Reaction from Customers

As a long-running Smithfield business, we’ve always been proud of serving locals and visitors alike, and are honoured to be part of this historic Dublin postcode. This is a sentiment that’s been echoed by our customers these last few months who appreciated the quality of our food, our ever-expanding cocktail menu and our selection of craft beers and draft favourites. It’s not just our selection of drinks and our extensive menu that has translated so well to outdoor dining. It is also our insistence on quality customer service.
So many of our customer’s left positive commitments about the speed and quality of our service. Whether you’re having drinks or a three-course meal, we’re happy to report you should always expect the very best customer service no matter where you’re sitting.


A Meal Without the Traffic

One of the compliments we continually heard as we rolled out our outdoor dining experience, was the advantage of our location. Yet another bonus of Smithfield square is the fact it’s inaccessible to most traffic. Therefore diners can enjoy their meals without a side of traffic noise and exhaust fumes. This spacious area also worked great for larger table sizes. Making us popular for long-delayed friend-reunions or as a business lunch location.

Of course, don’t take our word for it, as the weather improves come down to our Café & Bar and see for yourself how we are offering one of the best Dublin outdoor dining experiences.

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